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Disney comics publications

The home of Disney comics is of course the USA, but lots of Disney comics are produced and published in other countries as well.

One way to know from where a particular story originates is to look at its story code. That code is often shown in the first panel of a comic book story. Here is detailed information on what the various codes mean.

Arthur de Wolf maintains Disney Comics Worldwide. (That may be more comprehensive and up-to-date than the following.)



The history of Disney comics in the USA from 1930 to 1984 includes several publishers.

Then there was nothing until Gladstone published Disney comics 1986-1990. Then the Walt Disney Company produced their own Disney comics 1990-1993.

In 1993, Gladstone reacquired the license to produce Disney comics, and they are still the current publishers. Also, Marvel Comics acquired the license for Disney comics with characters from television cartoons and recent features. That later license went to Acclaim Comics in 1997.

Prices and worth

What are the Disney comics worth? There is no price guide here, and I don't know of any comic book price guide on the net. The Overstreet Price Guide is the most used price guide for US comic books. Something it doesn't mention though, is that some Disney comics from Whitman from around 1980 are really hard to find. The most sought-after of those books is Uncle Scrooge #179. Those books were very poorly distributed.

The Netherlands

Geïllusteerde Pers produces Disney comics.


Egmont produces Disney comics.



[Described by Archontis Pantsios in February 1999:]

As I mentioned in my previous posting, it recently jacked up its cover price from 15F to 18F, while also increasing its page-count to 132 pages (and its size!--it now has the same size as Le Journal de Mickey). It has a magaziney look and feel, with ~75 pages of comics, and the rest devoted to themes ranging from video games to new movie releases. It prints Barks, Rosa (with a very small time-lag compared to when his stories first appear in Scandinavia), Branca, and occasionally Van Horn, Scarpa, and Rota. Also, an original Rosa pin-up art page appears in the inside front-cover of every issue. Subscription rates vary by country of destination and will surely change with the price increase. Anyway, interested people can write to:

PICSOU Abonnements
BP 2
59 718 Lille Cedex 9
They accept credit cards for PICSOU subscriptions.

Great Britain

The publisher is:
Fleetway Editions Ltd,
Egmont House
25-31 Tavistock Place
London WC1H 9SU


Gilbert Roser has compiled a list of Disney comics publications in Germany.

The company Ehapa has their own pages.


[Information from Marco Barlotti on how to subscribe to Topolino:]

Topolino is published by The Walt Disney Company Italia SpA whose address is

via Sandro Sandri, 1
I 20121 Milano MI,
but to subscribe you should rather write to
Servizio Abbonati
C. P. 340
I 20102 Milano MI
or send a fax to +(39)(2)29085190 However, they like it best if you ring them up at +(39)(39)2020350 (You need both "39": the first one to reach Italy, the second one from inside Italy.) If you phone or fax, you can pay by credit card by just sending the number and expiry date. I recommend fax, because they don't speak anything but Italian and, certainly, you can fax in English and get an answer (which will come by snail-mail). By fax you can even ask for other means of payment, and you can get to know in advance (by snail-mail reply) the amount.

Topolino is distributed abroad by

Johnson International News Italia SrL
via Borgonuovo 14/16
I 20121 Milano MI
fax +(39)(2)6552495
but I guess this has nothing to do with subscribing.

Subscription rates

[Facts by Archontis Pantsios in February 1999: International (European?) subscription rates are as follows:


[Descriptions by Archontis Pantsios in February 1999:

Topolino prints new stories by such artists as Massimo De Vita and Giorgio Cavazzano. Zio Paperone re-prints Barks, Rota, Rosa, Branca, and Jippes/Milton--this year ZP will print stories by other American artists that worked on Uncle Scrooge, like Bradbury, Strobl, De Lara, etc.

[November 1999:] I Maestri Disney has been cancelled. It re-printed memorable stories of the following 7 Disney creators: Carpi, Murry, Bottaro, Cavazzano, Gottfredson, De Vita, and Scarpa. It will be resurrected in better shape, more like a book than a magazine.


Vulle Vuojas was published in 1987-88 with 33 issues (#1-14 in 1987 and #15-32 in 1988, with two #16's). It was sold in the Lapp parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, and published by the company Jaargalaedji aas.
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